The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem
Hungarian Grand Priory

Embassy of India
Ambassador of India to Hungary
Ambassador Kumar Tuhin

Ms. Tanuja Shankar
First Secretary (Press) &Director, ASCC

Your Exellency! Madam!

Rabindranath Tagore’s, 160th anniversary of his birth and 80th anniversary of his death. It is also a transcendent engraving in numerology and a rare moment in poetry as well. It is a pleasure and great honor for our Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lasarus of Jerusalem, Hungarian Jurisdiction would be happy to support and help organize a cultural day that also strengthens the friendship the two poeople. For this noble anniversary, we recommended and delegate the following art events and opportunities. During the COVID pandemic, the online program seems to be the safest, but we leave it to you to decide.

Suzuki Children’s Band
contact person: Miklós Király Band Leader, Conductor
handy number: +3630 8282 9827
address: miking67[@]gmail.com

Budapest Festival Orchestra wind quintett
contact person: Balázs Szakszon
handy number: +3670 6379648
address: szakszonbalazs[@]gmail.com

Odra Dance School- Parvati Dance Group (oriental indian dances)
contact person: Réka Virág Turi
handy number: +3630 5653316
mail address: turivirag[@]gmail.com

Colonel Sándor PELLEK MD, PhD, KLJ

Grand Prior of Hungary

Győr, 23. 03. 2021.